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Whatever your requirements are, you can trust us to keep your business operating successfully and help you reach your computer cabling goals.

We’ve got you covered with a reliable and fast data cabling solution, an effective solution for the success of your business. Pointzero Network is a well-established and specialised network cabling company that excels in the design, installation and maintenance of structured cabling, fibre optic cabling and security for small, medium and large businesses based in Auckland and Waikato.

At Pointzero Network, we have specialists to build and support the cabling infrastructure that provides communication connectivity and helps drive business performance. We design, install and maintain systems that deliver optimum performance for your customers. We’ll ensure that your data cabling installation completely meets your specification and budget.

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We’re cost-efficient and experienced, and we will focus on your challenges to help you succeed with the right cabling or technical solution. From structured cabling, fibre optic cabling, wireless and electronic security systems, our solutions support and power your digital workplace for the future.

Our experienced installers utilise the most advanced technology available, work to industry standards taking pride in their quality of work and presentation. Our solutions are designed, installed and maintained with technical expertise and ongoing support whenever required.


Being in business for 10 years, we have built a strong reputation of a reliable network service contractor in Auckland. Our clients rely on us and we have never let them down.

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    Hi Graeme and Ricky, I just wanted to reach out and let you know the fibre install job done on my property by your colleagues, Ganesh Gaddam, Kasun Malaka & Kuldeep Kumar was exceptional. It was a difficult install and they did it with great enthusiasm. They patiently discussed several options with me to find a solution that I was happy with. I would like to extend my thanks to the guys and wanted to let you know that your team is doing a great job.
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    Thank you for your good customer service and excellence in the field. They [installers] were awesome, polite, and very friendly. They would answer any questions the customer had regarding the install and it was just easy.
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    Yesterday we had fibre installed in our home in Whitianga. I just wanted to let you know that your workman Ramandeep Singh and his co-worker did a great job especially as this wasn't an easy installation. They listened to our needs and worked with us to find compromises and were a pleasure to have in our home. Please give them thanks from us.
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    I am writing to you to express my satisfaction with your two employees Raman Gondara and Jobanpreet Singh. Both these men have just completed the installation of fibre at our residence in Hahei. They were marvelous explaining everything in detail and getting our approval before starting any part of the work. They were extremely polite worked quickly and left the site very clean and tidy. We are very happy with the work undertaken.
  • Lynette Underwood
    I need to commend the two service technicians, Satnam Singh and Ravinder Singh for their excellent customer service. We had problems with the new modem light continuously changing from green to red resulting in some 4-5 visits to try and fix what apparently was a cable issue and signal issue. However, they soldiered on each time staying patient, friendly, very polite, and hard working. Please give them a very big THANK YOU from me.
  • Fiona D.
    Just wanted to say a big thank you to the workers that came and fixed my internet and landline after it was taken out by a careless driver that hit the pole on Saturday the 31st October 2020 and they have worked very hard to put it back on.  
  • Kevin Robertson
    We were especially appreciative of the service from the company Pointzero (Divdeep, Khushdeep, and Sandeep) who carried out the work efficiently and effectively. Even the buried cable section beneath our lawn has left it in a pristine condition. A big thumbs up for you and the boys for the above job. Thanks for a job well done and in such short notice Ricky, much appreciated.  
    Kevin Robertson
  • Tony Kenworthy
    Dear Sir. Yesterday two of your very professional technicians arrived at my address for a scoping visit. After a brief inspection, Joban Preat advised that they would fit the required equipment for the fibre connection immediately. Thrilled with this news I proceeded to watch him and his colleague make the necessary component placements. Curiously I asked a lot of questions about the process and was at all times politely educated to the process as they worked. I want to commend these gentlemen to you for their thoroughness, easy communications and great work ethic.
    Tony Kenworthy
  • Melzie
    I just want to let you know, the POINTZERO technicians that attended my neighbours install were very polite 🙂and the work they did near our property was very efficient👌, please pass this positive feedback on to the FM and Director of Pointzero 🙂  
  • David Whitehouse
    Just would like to thank you for all the good work your company has done in getting some difficult jobs that others have struggled with. I want to acknowledge the great work your tech Divraj Randhawa has been doing. His ability to complete the tasks and provide solutions from the field makes all the difference to the work of a Field Manager. I know I am not the only FM to appreciate your company’s work. Well Done!
    David Whitehouse
  • Sir Barry Curtis, Mayor of Manukau: 1983 - 2007.
    I write to sincerely thank Ramandeep Singh Gondara and his colleague Sandeep Singh of Point Zero Network Ltd for introducing Fibre Broadband to my historic Cottage. I was most impressed with their professional demeanour and appropriate analysis of the situation to achieve the best location for the necessary link from the road frontage to my Home office situated therein. The task was completed in a most efficient manner and in my opinion augers well for the progressive introduction of Fibre to communities on the Coromandel Peninsula. You can be very proud of these 2 members of your team who present an excellent image on behalf of the Company.  
    Sir Barry Curtis, Mayor of Manukau: 1983 - 2007.
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    I would like to let you know that your employee Ramandeep Gondara is an asset to your business. From the original contact when he attended my neighbour's property he displayed utmost respect. He is professional and goes beyond expectations in explaining the whole process and making sure everything was done properly. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone who wants fibre installed. Ramandeep and his colleague made sure everything was left in perfect order with little disruption. Please express my thanks to them both.
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    We are very happy with your services and communication and that's why we come back to you again and again. We appreciate your quick response to our enquires and smooth and easy installations. Well done, Pointzero team!
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    We've been working with Pointzero Network for a few years. We have received positive feedback from our customers who were very happy with Pointzero's staff and work. Pointzero Network is a reliable and highly professional company and it's always a pleasure to deal with them.